What is PPC?

 Pay Per Click is similar to conventional advertising; here a relevant text ad with a link to company page is displayed when the user of a search engine types in a specific phrase. A series of text sponsored ads usually labelled as ‘sponsored links’ are displayable above or to the right of the natural listings. Although many searchers prefer to click on the natural listings, a sufficient number do click on the paid listings such as they are highly profitable for companies such as Google and a well-designed paid search can drive significant amount of business for companies.

How are we doing it?

  1. Targeting
    1. Search ad network strategy
    2. Content network strategy
    3. Campaign structure and strategy
    4. Keyword matching strategy
    5. Search-terms targeting strategy
  2. Budget Management
    1. Budgeting Strategy
    2. Listing position strategy
    3. Bidding Strategy
    4. Dayparting strategy
    5. Bid Management Tool strategy
  3. Creative Testing and Campaign Optimisation
    1. Add creative and copy strategy
    2. Destination or landing page strategy
    3. Campaign review and optimisation strategy
    4. Specialist and innovative paid search techniques
  4. Communication Integration
    1. SEO integration strategy
    2. Affiliate integration strategy
    3. Marketing Campaign Integration Strategy

Why to invest on paid search?

  • The Advertisers are paying for the ad to be displayed only when it needs to be. So wastage is much lower compared to traditional advertising.
  • PPC Advertising is highly targeted as the ad will show only when a user types in a relevant keyphrase.
  • It promotes good accountability. By using the right tracking system the ROI for individual keywords can easily be calculated.
  • Gives predictable rankings and traffic which is not the case for search engine optimization.
  • Is technically simpler than search engine optimization as position is based on combination of bid amount and quality score.
  • Retargeting though cookies, allows Google to send reminder ads which is effective in boosting conversion rate.
  • PPC creates a branding effect which is useful for the launch of products or major campaigns

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