What is Online - Public Relations?

The main element of online PR is maximising favourable mentions of an organization, its brands, products and websites on third party websites which are likely to be visited by its target audience. Online Influencer outreach is now an important activity to identify companies or individuals with an online following and then using these contact to influence their audience. Minimising unfavourable mentions for example monitoring and influencing conversations in blogs and social networks through online reputation management is also an aspect of online PR.

How are we doing it?

  1. Conduct a thorough audit of current media coverage: At this point we try to identify any gap in communication channels that we could utilise as part of the company’s Public Relations Plan.
  2. Set SMART objectives for the online PR campaign: After identifying the possible influencers’ internet space, we conduct a conversation about the desirable positive state we need to achieve.
  3. Determine the online audience intended reach and evaluation metrics: At this stage we study on the demographics and psychographics of the audience’s segments and define key metrics for the evaluation process
  4. Identify interested and influential reporters to amplify your message: This step consists of personalized contacting and requests towards the opinion leaders that will partner up to our noble cause
  5. Define the key aspects of your message: According to what has been done at step 2 and 3 we design the strategic approach (concept, techniques and approved end-channels) of the campaign.
  6. Develop the pitch and content based on the strategy formulated: Considering the guidelines we developed in the previous stage we implement and test the content created.    
  7. Follow up with the intended targets as appropriate: We take care of forming good relationships with the influencers and we respond to any negative comments with integrity.
  8. Assess the results of the online campaign and set new campaign goals: The last step of the process examines the key metrics that we set in step 3 along with analytics of engagement and positive response rate. If we achieve the results needed, we examine new weakness points of communication and publicity, so we set new goals.

Why to invest on Online PR?

  • E-PR may be a relatively low-cost method of directly reaching niche or mass audiences.
  • Credibility of the organisation is promoted by reading commentary of independent third parties.
  • Helps generate backlinks to a site which are favourable for SEO.
  • Favourable content generated, can enhance the reputation of a brand among its target audience and amplification through influencers helps to reach new audiences.

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