What is web design and the benefits to invest on a website:

In 2016 the internet universe is growing at a rather fast pace; let’s say around 300 websites reach the online state every minute (data obtained by internetlivestats.com). According to the same source, in 2015 the volume of the online spaces with distinctive domain name (or websites) exceeded 1bn which currently corresponds to 1 website for seven individuals globally. In two and a half decades the internet has become integral part in our lives which means that a need for easier access to information existed beforehand. A university student in 80-90’s should go to the library, search and carry a dozen of 500 paged books to find out a piece of small information. Today, search engines do this for us by checking the relevance of keywords we type in to match with the best content available. Ok, Internet does not contain any single piece of knowledge humanity has extracted so far, but is heading towards this direction. The creation of one’s (may be a person, an organization an association or any entity driven by consciousness and reason) website differs dramatically from social media’s consumption us we’ll see later.

In the first quarter of 2016 Facebook profiles accounted by half a bn more than all registered domain names in use. The social media patent allows users of relatively low internet sophistication create their webspace and interact as they please. However, a website is different story…

Instead of pointing out what are the advantages for creating a website let’s invert the process and get to know how people receive satisfaction by visiting a website.

According to Dave Chaffey’s modes of internet usage the end purposes of a user may be searching of direct information, indirect information (surfing), direct buying, bargain hunting and entertainment seeking. At least two but no more than four motivations stated above have financial implications for a business. For example a music freak that gets subscription on Spotify is ultimately looking for entertainment which in this example will be charged. This means that a significant volume of business today is driven through the web which points out that this medium provides clearly the enterprise’s opportunities:

  • For cost reductions in information provision, human resources and TIME
  • Multiple gateways for easy access to the entity (as stated in the example of the student) in global scale
  • Better than real life personalization of services
  • The customization and consistency of the message in the business’s terms. Yes ladies and gentlemen a website will be built as you want it; no message distortions, no limited time of exposure but vast competition.

This helps you create consistency of the communicated message which forms a solid first impression promoting you to the top candidates to consider.

Ok, but why not to rely only on social media to grow my business? The very reason for this is because it is not your space. You may have a profile on Facebook you don’t own, that will ultimately assist your image and keep customers informed on the latest news but at the end of the day Facebook controls what users can do and see. Building your own house as you want it should always be priority than getting one on timeshare. As a matter of fact, the needs of each business and field differ but you may consider creating a website and register it on 2-3 search engines which cover web search and not just Facebook search.

For certain a way to acquire the most customers you can is to get them where it is most convenient for them. Some people stick to Facebook 24/7, others need to check their tweets several times a day lots of people don’t even use facebook or have deleted their accounts already. Each component of the online promotion attempts functions as enhancers to the others so a really well designed online mix will boost your organization’s website traffic if that’s your goal. On the other hand even if you find social media more usable to update instead of your website consider that that the same principle works.   

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