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It happens that Pokemon GO, the new fad in smartphone gaming offers a huge potential to market your business from the beginning of July 2016. Last week AMA published some very interesting statistics on gamers usage of the free app. Let’s dig into some facts on the platform first and look at how it could help certain businesses increase their sales along with the players’ fun which consequently has implications for positive attitude building on the business itself.

Pokemon GO was released in 6th of July in the States, New Zealand and Australia and as its name indicates (GO) its players should play as long as they walk in the city municipality or neighborhood. In order to play, a gamer should enable their phone GPS and the gameplay offers the options of using an animated interface or real world interface which practically means that you use your cellphone’s camera. That’s one of the loveliest features of the game which is rather old technology, so by playing regularly you may capture images like this.


The game’s goal is to catch as many Pokemon as you can, catch rarer pokemon as well and increase the level of those you already own. This imposes the players to explore new areas to advance in the game mostly by foot which indicates that they increase their foot traffic. On the other hand specific spots set by the development company like buildings, parks and art installations called Poke-stops and Gyms, are those where pokemon variety, players (trainers) and items to use will be found in greater concentration. At those points trainers can drop lures to attract new pocket monsters for a limited time and by forming teams (there are three teams available in the game Red, Blue and Yellow aka Valor, Mystic and Instinct respectively) they battle each other. I was reading some person’s review who took a walk in the park to play and it turned out that he hung out with eight strangers doing the same thing. Thus, another characteristics of the game is the promotion of competition, personal and group socializing.

You couldn’t care less but it worths to take a look at the massive influence an app has to a numerically great audience.

What an eye-injected LSD Niantic and The Pokemon Company serve to gamers? Well, this doesn’t matter too much. What’s important at this point is to exploit this hype as early as you can to make profit before weather gets worse. Gamers owning a waterproof phone face no problem on this drawback. Anyway let’s get to work but before we start let us consider some implications very quickly. Pokemon GO can work as a powerful tool to increase your sales under conditions. First, it won’t work on those that don’t play. Second, the majority of businesses to use this tool are suggested to be those that offer low-involvement products and services (impulsive purchases such as beverages, chewing gums and artists on the road). Third, it won’t be for free if you arranged a systematic approach. Fourth not all businesses have close to them Gyms and Pokestops and in fact some shops are located 50-100 miles away at the next gamer gathering.

The last problem mentioned above is under resolution as Niantic stated to launch sponsored Pokestops feature that will also partially bypass bad weather conditions issue. So turning your fast food to a gamer gathering location can ensure some traffic increase. The cost for doing this is unknown yet however.  

Moreover, purchasing lure modules for a dollar each gives you the opportunity to bring more Pokemon around you for 30 minutes as finding them generally is not as common as you think. As given above the goal of the game is to get more pokemon and entertainment hits the spot when battles are in process. These only mean two things 1. Luring more Pokemon around you means luring more trainers around you and 2. Gathering players gets you even more players.

Another tactic that a fellow from Michigan taught us is this.

This guy, used the all time classic sales promotion tool to relate to team Mystic members. Addressing to all teams on different days of the weak with different messages will certainly create this customer domino effect you seek for.

Unfortunately the application knows when you’re driving or walking. Considering that the application gives you eggs of rarer and more valuable pokemon, getting them to hatch is desirable. However, they will only if you walk at certain distances (this may vary from an egg to another). Restaurant owners can charge an extra service on this one. Waiters do walk a lot, so by asking for a small fee passing your cellphone to the waiter will hatch your eggs in no time.

Gain some publicity by posting all the rare pokemon caught by your customers, staff, friends, family or you. Your audience will react on it, may check in at your store, share findings and even visiting you for some adventure hunting.

By equipping your business with a bulky multi-charger for cellphones can elevate your business to a hot spot that gamers will seek actively. This happens due to the fact that the app consumes lots of battery power as it uses both your GPS and Camera. But anyway, all heavy apps do. This is an investment that will serve you for a long time even when Pokemon GO is not trendy anymore.

Finally, store owners located close to Gyms have the opportunity to aggressively advertise this fact. here players can battle on behalf of their teams in a competitive struggle for king-of-the-hill style domination. If you happen to be in this lucky position, promote the heck out of the fact that your business is at or near a gym. Players vying for control over a gym will usually need to spend at least a half hour (usually more) to battle gym leaders and hopefully satisfy their needs by getting some products that you sell.

These techniques are just the beginning to market through a single app. Pokemon GO achieved more downloads in 2 weeks than Candy Crush did in 4 years plus the average time spent on the app has surpassed all social media involvement hitting around 43 minutes a day. I used to watch Pokemon when I was young and the concept of going to an adventure to catch small monsters had always been enticing in my mind. Niantic Inc and The Pokemon Company managed to bring this to life after an enormous declining on their product involvement. In one word: “Genius”.

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