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Last year, I founded my own businesses to stop working under some unfair corporate vampire. This article summarizes 5 challenges that I’ve identified so far working in my Digital Marketing StartUp (Social Hackers) and discussed with my peers as well. If you’re on to making your own Internet-based start-up, think about the list below first!

  • Internet Services: Starting a business requires purchasing of certain stuff that you had no idea were needed until your need imposed you to get’em. For example we were working on some eshop construction that sells organic beauty products. As a new entrepreneur I charge my customers low-end prices to boost my clients number and business’ reputation. Well, that’s easier said than done if you consider that my remuneration couldn’t cover the Terms and Conditions along with the SSL certificate. I won’t say I didn’t learn my lesson, but now I understood the hard way why marketing services are expensive even if you charging low. I am writing on a startup context that any amount of money seems big enough if taken straight outta your bank account. The beauty project was managed well afterall but I couldn’t ask from customer to pay me some stupid amount of , so I lost my money and time (not completely because we exceeded customer expectations) on this one. 
  • Time: The previous marketing company I was working, is still serving great companies in the fields of percolation, heavy constructing and healthcare. This means that these companies already had serious internet existence. Optimising a website-eshop-blog and others can’t be achieved as quickly as you might think. That’s because Google takes into account over 200 factors to get you ranked, consequently you have to focus on at least 100 factors to begin hoping for nice results when a company and a website are new. Get to know that you shouldn’t promise big when you offer holistic Internet services especially when a task is complex and the degree of predictability is low such as a website optimization.
  • Business Customers: As the enterprise’s founder I am the only one responsible to speak with my leads. I do listen their needs but lots of them don’t even know 1) what their objectives are 2) their competitive situation @ALL 3) the marketing industry. I know all about SERVQUAL measurement and I do listen to my customers’ needs carefully while taking notes at all times. The strange thing is that clients should know their business’ situation better than any other in the starting point so marketers will extract the information they need. The marketing company analyses each customer in much more complicated ways but when briefing their situation and needs they should know what their problem is before addressing a professional. I passed an offer at a ludicrous price (honestly) to a prospect customer when she barely told me what she needed. She ended up calling me everyday, was always complaining about the price and I should spend at least an hour assuring her that everything is going to be fine. Think about it, you spend an hour everyday for next to zero revenue because of one-sided mistrust issues. Guys, as clients hold the right to choose which marketing services to buy, marketers hold the right to undertake a project or reject it. In the long-run working with those that fit into your target audience will prove more valuable instead of injuring your reputation with “bad customers”. No, customers are not always right.
  • The Internet itself: The internet is the best (most complete) medium humanity has ever invented. However, the use of it counts. When we were developing a lingerie e-boutique that Social Hackers own we couldn’t overcome a CSS issue for sometime. My employee took the initiative to get Facebook help from some hacker dude without knowing his intentions. When the problem was solved he saw three softwares loading in his computer in an instant. We needed to apply safety settings and start over the webshop building which took us three additional days to finish. Do not work without internet protection. Even though a safe computer is the one shutted down, an anti-malware software is a must. There is no way to protect your devices 100% but a software of this type will enhance your psychological safety instead of your computer’s. Actually humans are endless and we teach each other by failing sometimes which is also the magic of our nature.
  • Academic vs Practical Approaches: By completing a 60-paged Marketing Plan will give you a terrific insight on your current situation and what should be done ideally. Put aside the fact that a MK plan takes great amount of time and human resources, sometimes small campaigns need to be delivered quickly so whatsgonab? A small plan may prove more agile choice if you know well your objectives, target audience and the metrics to use for monitoring. You act independently of your competitors + high quality services, customization and authenticity is what matters really (I read this in a study). A famous company with an inner MK department may invest big money to influence consumers and achieve their objectives eventually. A two week campaign to promote the client’s’ sales promotion period for the sake of 5 loyal customers can be done much easier than planning for one year in advance. Therefore you can achieve great outcomes according to the size of the project. Do things the way it helps both parties to get fine results, don’t spend valuable time because a deeply knowledgeable professor developed a huge model to fit in every situation.

Marketing Research comprises of serious obstacle too but I will write about that in another post.

Please write down your challenges with internet services along with some arguments and examples. We’d love to know about your entrepreneurship case and what to avoid.

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