The ideal commercial internet world we imagine, has each of our clients’ published content getting viral in a snap as this would guarantee them inexpensive publicity and high economic growth.

Who are we??

Our team consists of four young, creative and out of the box thinkers who live for selling stuff and mess with technological innovations every now and then. We know that diligence, authenticity, restlessness and transparency comprise of key factors for an effective campaign management therefore Social Hackers have adopted the “DART” principle to directly hit their goals.

Writing creative passages has been everyone’s passion since schooldays and now that we exercise this professionally, achieving our self-actualization is not in question. Setting goals and planning strategies with our clients, certainly spices up the copy-writing process as we already have the guidelines to reach the ideal and measurable outcome.

The team’s capabilities extend in the fields of IT, Marketing, Management, Accounting and Legal, however we all brainstorm to generate ideas as certain processes are set to be managed in a pluralistic manner.

Damianos Vavanos
Founder & CEO
Damian is the visionary figure of the marketing squad, making him the busiest person of Social Hackers. He is the first and last point of contact with clients. on making in every aspect of the business and accounts prefer to chat with him for some ‘mysterious’ reason. He is a generalist at heart, so by engaging with clients and their respective industries, he works towards achieving self-actualisation and personal growth. When time allows he spends his time riding his cherished motorcycles, exploring nature or just hanging out with his friends.
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Achilles Kestekides
Marketing Executive
Achilles is the “Swiss Army Knife” of Social Hackers Team. He is responsible for digital strategies creation in SEM and SMM, web-development styling, start-ups branding and customer services which make him a budding Digital Marketing Executive of his own league. He is too fond of interacting with people and believes that you should try everything at least once in your lifetime. When he doesn’t work, he practices on his drums, experiments with harmonic patterns and reads on his comic-books. At some point he’s on to implementing his own commercial websites.
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Mohamed AbdElhady
Business Analyst & Web Developer
Mohamed, was working in standard processes professional environment and he was like a routine fighter struggling about bills and life needs, but he decided to turn the tables and start working with what he is passionate which is online businesses and web development. Being a part of an amazing "Social Hackers" team not just gives him the opportunity to achieve that, but to have the chance of making an impact to change the world, which he is always dreaming about.
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Eleftheria Kanari
Eleftheria is the only girl in the team, which feels lonely sometimes! She has been writing since she was a little girl just for fun or as a form of expressing her inner thoughts, which proved to be very helpful. Eventually she realised that if she worked really hard, she could actually be a writer some day! She has studied Classics and if you asked about her real passion that would be the Latin Language. Down the road she became an English teacher as well. She feels blessed to be a part of the team because it gives her the opportunity not only to write about different topics but also learn new and exciting things every day.
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How did we get started?

Social Hackers is an experimental attempt under Hupa Internet Services Ltd. to offer integrated solutions for different company departments. On March 2015 the founder Damian Vavanos, realised that the functions of social media to share content and their ease of use are a very powerful tool to enhance e-WoM. After Damian founded the company he put together people with different capabilities right away. To relate to start-ups and SMEs, Social Hackers adopted a business strategy oriented to low-pricing as fairly young companies are not generally financially strong.

Doing business in the UK and the Greek market, Social Hackers is a genuinely multi-cultural company and its establishments is joyful fact both for our clients and us!


Why us?

For Startups

Do you run a newly emerged venture? So do we…

Trying to manage everything seems impossible! You can’t be an accountant, an IT person, a marketer and an HR manager at the same time. Social Hackers understand your condition, so we have designed marketing packages that suit your budget and time requirements to be able cope with your daily duties.

For Small Medium Enterprises

Is your business at break-even point for so long? Bring in some fresh customers already…

With a minimum monthly fee you can increase your revenue yesterday. We can relate very well with struggling businesses as we used to be one some time ago. We offer excellent quality services developed for SMEs that save money and time. Social Hackers have extensive internet knowledge and by purchasing our services we take care at educating you as well as this contributes to both sides.

For Freelancers

You registered in directories, social media and even developed a website. Did you wonder what your limits are?

The internet holds huge potential for getting new clients, so by utilizing Social Hackers’ expertise you will need to hire more staff eventually. You get your weekly reports digitally and can choose a variety of contact media to reach us all day long. We can’t add more hours in a day, so manage your time wisely. 😀

For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Is your boss a bit too reactive to your suggestions? Did you consider start something of your own?

Social Hackers in cooperation with Company Formation can completely deal with the process of bringing your e-business idea to life. By purchasing the “Aspiring Entrepreneur Package” you literally break free of your job duties and enjoy two months digital marketing services all in one. This package is on sale for now! Don’t miss it!!!

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